nissin wellness

nissin wellness / 2017〜

Nissin Foods is famous worldwide for its instant noodles. We participated in the launch of the Nissin Wellness brand, a subsidiary involved in the distribution of supplements and other health-related products. With this project, we turned the idea that “beautiful, healthy bodies come from smart dietary habits”, one of the philosophies of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods, into a logotype. The letter design evokes an image of standing strongly in the bright, healthy sunlight. Green was employed as the brand color, as it evokes a sense of wellness, while the boxes used for transporting products were attributed a simple, clean design. We were also in charge of the designs for four different supplements under the brand.

Art Director : Ichiji Ohishi
Designer : Ichiji Ohishi / Ichitaro Suzuki / Kim Jihiyon / Akiko Suzuki/ Yuki Takahashi
Client : Nippon flour mills co., ltd.