okutatara / 2017〜

A branding project for a Japanese sweets brand that employs specialty ingredients from Okuizumo in Shimane Prefecture. Taking “tatara”, the local tradition of ironmaking as the inspiration for this concept, this is a confectionery series that employs the local specialty – Nitamai roasted brown rice – as the main ingredient. The colors employed in the packaging and the ruled border have been used to express both the flames of tatara and the aromatic fragrance of roasted brown rice, while also imparting a sense of both the silence that envelops Okuizumo and its hidden mystery.

Art Director : Ichiji Ohishi
Designer : Ichiji Ohishi / Ichitaro Suzuki / Yuria Takayama / Haruka Hirata
Photographer : Hirokazu Shizuno
Client : Kaji corporation