Jinseki international School

jinseki international school / 2019

The shape of five children bursting with energy comprising the symbol mark for JINIS expresses the five founding principles of the school. Jinseki International School (JINIS) was established in Jinseki, Hiroshima in April 2020. The school is the first boarding school in Japan catering to elementary school students to have gained government certification. It was established as a boarding school offering a diverse, Japanese-English dual language, multicultural learning environment. The logo was created with the idea of children running around freely in the spacious schoolgrounds and the abundant nature of the Jinseki highlands. It expresses the five skills (the five founding principles) the school hopes to instill in its students – to use the five senses; to learn and explore what they are curious about; to express and communicate their own ideas; to accept and appreciate diversity; to believe in and respect the people around them, and the five lively children represent these five core skills. We aimed to ensure that the full-of-life innocence of the children would be firmly entrenched in the logo.

Art Director : Ichiji Ohishi
Designer : Ichiji Ohishi / Ichitaro Suzuki / I+PLUS DESIGN