Kirei Kirei Blue

Kirei Kirei Blue series / 2021

The outbreak of the Covid 19 coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 sparked a worldwide pandemic and acted as a catalyst for people realizing the importance of washing one’s hands. But just washing one’s hands was not enough to alleviate people’s fears of contracting the virus. The Kirei Kirei Blue Series was launched in 2021 to combat these fears. The “blue bottle color” used for medicine bottles from ancient times was employed as the series color to symbolize cleanliness / hygiene, while Kirei mom inside the circle is used as the symbol of the series. This was designed with a view to the product working to protect the family inside the home.

Art Director : Ichiji Ohishi
Designer : Haruka Hirata / Hikaru Okubo

Creative Director : Mari Takeda ( Lion Corporation )
Client : Lion Corporation