tokucha / 2014〜

The design for “Tokucha”, a FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) forming part of Suntory’s green tea brand “Iyemon”. To convey both the Japanese spirit of Iyemon and its functionality in terms of its fat-burning properties, we employed a dark green color teamed with lines on the left and right of the design that curve inwards in a shape evocative of a person’s waistline. The functional properties of the product have been displayed on the white bands at the top and bottom of the packaging to invoke a sense of the product’s medical efficacy. There are currently three different flavors of the product available.

Cretive Director : Yoji Minakuchi
Art Director : Akiko Kirimoto / Natsue Isozaki / Ichiji Ohishi
Designer : Ichiji Ohishi / Miki Ito / Ichitaro Suzuki
Client : Suntory